Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheap crafts!

The link above is a blog I saw today that has cheap craft ideas! Check it out!


I noticed this week while in the store that Walgreens has a great deal on Pull-ups. They are already $2 off a package so $6.99 then they have coupons for $2 off in their coupon book. Plus if you had a manufactures coupon I think you could use that on top of that. So So you could get them for $3 a pack.

I am going back tonight to get as many as I can.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun with your kids!

Here is an idea for BIG fun with your kids for a great price!

Above you see a roll of newspaper paper (you can get these at local newspapers for $3 to $5 usually, ask for the Newspaper roll ends). You also see a picture of different things I found around the house shaped like circles (FREE). I used this activity to try and the my son about the circle shape. He loves drawing and loves it even more on this huge roll of paper. He really likes to have me trace his hands, feet, and body on it. It lasts forever and really makes kids excited, helps them use their imagination, and it's really cheap!

Send me your cheap but fun ideas to do with kids!

Great site!

This is a great site I just saw. It has cute ideas and step by step instructions for several things. The picture above is one cake on their site.

So go ahead CHECK IT OUT!