Wednesday, September 30, 2009

REALLY CHEAP Campbell's Soup!

Broulims has Campbell's soup for sale this week in their case lot sale.

Tomato and Chicken Noodle end up being $.50 a can if you buy a case of 24. They have coupons you can get from the registrar for $.40 off 4 cans. That makes the soup $.40 a can.

They also have their cooking soups like Cream of Chicken on sale by the case. I believe it ends up being $.57 a can for a case of 24. Then you can go here to print a coupon for $1.00 two cans of ANY Campbell's cooking soup. That ends up being $.07 a can! I have heard if you print the coupons every other day they will keep letting you print them. You will have to check on this yourself. You could even see if this coupon will work on tomato soup. I have heard some people have used it that way, you just never know sometimes.

I have not yet tried this but it should work! I will be going by later this week to get my soup and will let you know how it goes!

Go to this blog to find more about Broulims case lot sale and other deals this week.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Our local radio station now has Dave Ramsey on! He is AMAZING! If you want to know how to save money, listen to him! I fully support him and his message!

So to this link to listen to him! Go to the "listen Live" button at 6:00 p.m. to listen over the Internet!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Really great Deal on CHEESE and more at Albertsons!

I got 6 pounds of Tillamook Cheese for $7.49. Let me tell you how:

1. I printed the on-line coupons for a 1.00 off ANY 2 pounds of cheese made in America.
Click here to print the coupon. I printed three from different computers.

2. I then took the "twice Value" coupons from the Albertsons ad. That gave me a total of $2 off every 2 pounds.

3. I then used a store coupon I received the week before for $5 off any purchase at Albertsons. I realize of course not all of you will have this last coupons BUT you can use the top two and still get a great deal on cheese. Just make sure to check the package so you know it's made in the USA.

I got all of this for about $15.24 give or take a bit with tax (I have not had time to go through and separate all the tax out of the prices).

Cereal was about $.63 cents a box with tax. I went and got the deal buy 10 get $10 off select Kellogg's cereals (see Albertsons ad) then I use multiple coupons for every box, and doubled three of them. You can find some coupons in the cereal isle - save $1 on any 2 boxes of Kellogg's cereal. Your final price may vary from mine but will stay pretty close.

Bumble Bee Tuna was FREE with coupon from becoming a fan on facebook (look under the coupon tab after your become a fan and print it - save $1 on 2 cans). Then I doubled it with the Albersons "twice value" coupon.

Cheez-it's were $.50 a box without tax - use the best on-line coupon you can find and then double it wit the Albertsons twice value coupon.

Dial Soap (Pump and bars) were about $.30 each. You can look for ones on-line but I used one from may Sunday papers Smart Source Coupons and doubled them with the Albertsons coupon.

If you have questions feel free to post a questions - However realize that this sale ends on Tue.

Great flight deals at JetBlue!

Click here to view great flight deals from Jet Blue. Flights are starting at $29 one way.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Fun New Find!

I just found this new blog that I LOVE about coupon use and much more! It's called "For the Mommas."

What is even better is that I found it right before she has a giveaway!

HERE is the link to the blog, and HERE is the link to the giveaway!

I will add this blog to my list later this week.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Albertson's deals I promised

(The picture above is what the twice value coupons look like that are in your Albertsons ad.
Look where to find more ads in my Alberstons post below.)

So with double coupons there are so many different deals you can get depending on what you want and what coupons you have so I have decided to just post links to my favorite coupon sites and blogs. These will show you different deals people have got so far this week. This is a great week for stocking up your pantry or food storage.

So click below on the different links for amazing deal ideas!
(You will click on the links to posts. This is the section for Idaho deals, to see other states go to State forums, adn click on your state.)

Here is the Alberstons shopping list this week.
(Remember the more stars the item has the better the deal is. )

Today's freebies and more!

Click here for free chocolate from MARS. Hurry it's only offered today until they run out!

Here are some codes I found on for free movie rentals tonight!

Any Location: 9HB6MP22
McDonalds Location: SMR8DVD
One Time Use Codes: DVDONME or BREAKROOM
One Time Use at Walgreen’s Redbox: DVDATWAG

There a re a few good deals at Broulims this week. Click here to look at them. My favorite deal is the BIC razors.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Double your coupons AGAIN this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week Albertsons gave us twice the value coupons again! This means you can double any coupon you have by a maximum of a dollar. Making your saving up to two dollars a product.

When you use these remember you have to have the in-ad coupon that says "twice value coupon." There should be 3 per ad. If you are in Rexburg you can get more ads from the BYU-I school paper "Scroll" or from the FREE Standard Journal Extra that is put out in different spaces all over town on Tuesdays.

Okay so now you have the coupons that double your coupons. As long as your coupon is $1 or under you can use it and double it by using the in-ad doubler coupons. You can only use 3 per transaction and only do 3 transactions in a row. After that if people are in line after you, you will have to go to the end of the line again. If you have questions you can ask me OR ask the employees at Albertsons. They are very helpful almost all of the time.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the best deals I can find this week.

Friday, September 18, 2009

FREE coupon booklet!

for a free coupon booklet click here. For another from the same company click here.

I am not sure if you can get both but, it's worth a try.

Albertsons - Doublers This Week!

Go to this link to see how people are using their doubler coupons this week! (You can find the doublers in the Albertsons ad this week). For you that are NEW to couponing feel free to ask questions!


Every Friday Mars is giving away chocolate bars for FREE! They did this a couple months ago too and I got one! It was just so fun having a treat for FREE! They only offer this deal this month and on Fridays - so HURRY! I think they have a limited number each Friday too so the sooner the better!

Click on link below:
Free Chocolate

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Coupon Deals - Last week

This last week I got some good deals on this stuff. I think it all came to the total of $12.00. I've had some better deals on plates before but we have used all of the stock I had in storage.

4 Campbells soup , soup on the go - $0.50 ea
4 Chinet lunch plates - $0.50 ea
5 Bic, Soleil triple blade razors (4 per pack) - $1.00 ea (my favorite deal this week!)
5 Glade, Soy based candles - FREE
1 Magic Eraser 2 pack - $0.98 ea
4 Chex original - $0.50 ea (they also had peelies on them for later use!)

I mixed all the Chex bags with a non-name brand trail mix that had chocolate, raisins, etc. in it. Then I put them in Ziploc bags for my husbands lunches. He loves it and it was way cheaper than buying and expensive huge trail mix.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Watch out Albertsons!

This week I decided to shop at Broulims because they had some good deals in the paper. I walk in to the store and BAM I am in COUPON HEAVEN! Yes you heard right! Coupon Heaven at Broulims in Rexburg!

They had coupons taped to every product that had a coupon available! I talked to a guy there who looked like he had some pull and he told me it's a new program. He said they are working with a coupon lady from Shelly.

Well I didn't have time to really shop so I just grabs the main deals I came for - Huggies diapers. I do admit I grabed a couple snickers for our family movie night since they were 2 for a $1.

I have heard a few Alberstons stories have done this - Mainly the one in Idaho Falls on Broadway BUT the one is Rexburg doesn't do this so I hope they have a plan to do so soon, or Broulims might give them a run for their money - we will see.

Anyway keep your eye on Broulims these days you might be surprised!

OH - P.S. - if you have any GE coupons for energy saver light bulbs you will be happy to know they have some on sale for $1 each. SO if your coupons is for that amount you could get them for FREE! I saw them in the area around the check-outs. GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where to find coupons!

Here is a great post I found on a ladies blog about good ways and places to find coupons. Click on the link below:
Finding coupons

1,000 Envelopes for $1

If you are living in the Rexburg area you should go grab this deal while you can.

The Artco store has 1, 000 envelopes for a dollar! Yes you read right! They are very similar to the picture I posted above. They are business letter size, and I will be using them now A LOT!

I think our baby announcement and Christmas cards will have to fit this size now : )