Monday, June 7, 2010

Simply Mac

Simply Mac is having a grand opening bash! They will be giving away lots of prizes, go to their website below to check it out!

Good luck!

Food co-op near you!

Get a laundry basket of fruits and veggies for $15 - $25!

Here is a great opportunity to those who live in Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Nevada, Texas, and Wyoming. It's called Bountiful Baskets, it's a food co-op. The following is from their website:

"Sally Stevens and Tanya Jolly started Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op in May of 2006. It was a winning combination from the beginning. Tanya and Sally both had experience running their own small food co-ops that were not web based. As their small co-ops grew it challenged them to think of a way to keep up as more families were wanting to save money on healthy food. Adding a little bit of e-commerce technology to the mix was just the trick. Since May of 2006 BBFC has grown from 2 sites and an average of 120 families a cycle participating, to over hundreds of sites in seven states and around 70,000 participating families! In June of 2008 BBFC started to offer 100% organic baskets every other week.

The Co-op offers a conventional produce basket very other week which is generally ½ fruit and ½ veggies. The monetary contribution is $15.00 and is generally worth $50.00 retail. Organic baskets require a contribution of $25 and are usually about the same amount of produce as the conventional baskets. To participate visit and check the schedule to see when your state is available to make your monitary contribution using a debit or credit card. Then, pick up your basket on Saturday morning at the time and place you chose when you contributed!"

If you would like to find a location near you check out their site at:

To learn even more about the co-op go to this link.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Down East tent SALE!

If you live in Utah and live around the Davis County you will want to check out this sale. I went and looked yesterday and there were some great deals on furniture and clothes, among other things.

Go to this link for more info! These sales start and end all through out June in different locations. Check it out!

FREE Picture Magnet!

This is a great idea for Father's day! We ordered one for my dad with a picture of the grand kids! You get to pick what picture and words go on the magnet. The shipping is $1.00 so technically it's not free : ) You also get FREE photo prints for signing up for the first time. If you can I would try to order both deals at the same time, that might save you money on shipping. I believe the shipping for the pics alone is $1.99.

You will want to go to this link: FREE MAGNET

Make sure to use the code it has on the first page. Hurry and get this deal before it ends on the 17th!

Thanks to PYP for the info!

Get a Lagoon Deal!

Are you planning on going to Lagoon this summer? If so here is one way to get a discount. This works out great if you already were going to purchase something from Deseret Book anyway. If not they have lots of things you could get as gifts, etc. I think the discount is worth it.

Review: Baby Product

This product is called, The Baby Nasal Aspirator, made by BabyComfyNose. I discovered this product when I was looking for nose aspirators for my daughter. She has the hardest nose to clean out and gets mucus in it a lot! It has been miserable for her and I. I first looked at ones that were electric and ran on batteries. I worried that these types wouldn't allow me to know when to stop, and knew that it would cost to keep the batteries fresh. Then I saw a couple that didn't require batteries, this was one of them. I started comparing them and found that for this one I would not need to buy a filter, plus is had great reviews.

So far I LOVE it! However, this is not the people who get queasy stomachs easy. You have to be the sucking power which may gross some people out. That really is the only con I can think of though, and I think it's just a mental thing for the person sucking out the nose. I like that you can see what is coming out so you know that you actually got everything. I also like that I never need batteries, it's easy to operate, easy to clean, and can be taken anywhere. The price isn't bad either.

If you want to learn more go to the site below. I also found that the Amazon reviews were helpful.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Make summer fun!

Ever wonder what to do with your kids to keep them engaged during the day? I am always looking for ideas. Here are some ideas I found on the Brassy Apple website and/or blog.

She has lots of great activities!

Printable coupons!

If you don't get the newspaper coupons (or even if you do) this is a great resource to help you get deals. So check out the link below!

FREE Museum Visit in UTAH!

Free admission to the Utah Museum of Natural History on Monday June 7, 2010!

This is not the only FREE admission day so go to this link to check out their calendar. Hint: look at the first Monday of every month : )

Here are the details below -

When - Mon, June 7, 9:30am – 8:00pm
Where - Utah Museum of Natural History (map)
Description - Thanks to the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks Program, admission to the Museum is free all day on the first Monday of every month! And, on most Free Mondays, hours are extended to 9:30 am - 8:00 pm.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Go to this link to download a FREE disney song for 50 days!

They automatically download to your i-tunes without you having to do anything besides clicking on the link.