Monday, January 12, 2009

Planning a Birthday Party

Our son Henrik is having is One year birthday party on Saturday. Most of is friends are not children so several friends and relatives who are adults will be attending.

When planning a party I almost always start with a theme. Choosing a theme helps me plan anything thing from a formal Ball, reception down to a birthday party. Choosing a theme makes the planing a lot easier. The theme can be anything simple like just a color, a dessert, an item that will bring inspiration etc. For example when planning my wedding reception I chose the theme as chocolate. I'm sure people would have not guessed the theme even though we did have a lot of chocolate but it made it so much easier to plan.

For this party we have chosen guitars as the theme.

After choosing a theme it is now time to brain storm. For this particular theme I had a hard time thinking of things that are appropriate for a child's party that center around guitars...I then realized that most of the people attending would be adults so I started thinking a little differently. I also had my sister over so we starting coming up with silly ideas that then sparked other ideas. NO idea is dumb because it may spark something else or can be refined to fit your desires/needs. I also looked on-line to try and spark ideas.

here is a list of things we came up with:

1. everyone dress as a rock star
2. picture booth with a wig and guitar
3. guitar hero
4. pin the pick on the guitar
5. everyone wear band shirts
6. band shirts are the decoration
7. a game where you separte the into bands and they create thier own music.
8. guitar hero (obiously for teh adults since Henrik is only one)
9. Guitar cake
10. use Dad's guitar pic on invitations

........... and the list goes on.

We will use this list to expand on and refine our plans.

Stay tuned to see what happens!

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