Saturday, March 20, 2010

I LOVE baby leggings!

My new baby has the littlest legs known to mankind (she was a preemie). Her legs and feet look ridiculous in little girl tights. It's also very hard to find socks little enough to fit her long thin feet. However, I found another solution. If I put socks on her feet and then put baby legging on pulling the end of them just over her heel the socks stay on and she has cute colored leggings that work for dresses and when I just put her in a onesie. I Love it! I also love that it makes diaper changing easy.

I found a pair at a used clothing store and decided to try them now I am hooked! So I have looked up a few sites that have instruction on how to make them yourself. Here is my favorite. If you want to see more just type "How to make baby leggings" into google search.

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