Friday, October 23, 2009

Cute girl stuff!

Here are a few sites I have found on-line that have some cute stuff and some of them even have great sales going on right now! Can you tell I am having a baby girl soon! : )

Buttons and Bows (SALE)

Lovely Knits

The Essig Motif

Loulou Belle Creations

There are also lots of great things at our local stores Bun in the Oven and Mommy N' Me


  1. you are so funny. those sites are SOO EXPENSIVE! i dont care sale or not, 20 dollars is WAY too much to spend on one dress! but they are cute though. even though i would never spend 30 dollars on a carseat canopy when you could make one easy for 10 dollars or less! we should have a craft day!

  2. omg. janel. they are soooo cute!!!!