Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Did you know....

You can get a box of bananas at Broulims for $7.00!
They are the ones that are starting to ripen fast.

They keep them under the normal bananas in the store in boxes. It's better to get them during the day so that the produce people can help you. Sometimes if those people are gone some other workers don't know if they can sell them to you or not.

The picture shown above has already been emptied of some of the bananas I peeled and cut so far. The box was completely full to the brim when I bought it.

This is not a one time deal it is just something they always do. So if you are a banana lover, this is great!

I have a food dehydrator so I bought them to make banana chips.


Here are some other ideas of how to use this many bananas:

- Have a banana split party
- Make LOTS of banana bread
- Have a fondue party
- Use them for weddings, family reunions, etc.
- Make lots of banana malts
- Mix with other fruits to make smoothies
- Mix with other fruits to make fruit leather

If you have more ideas please comment!

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