Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Coupon Deals - Last week

This last week I got some good deals on this stuff. I think it all came to the total of $12.00. I've had some better deals on plates before but we have used all of the stock I had in storage.

4 Campbells soup , soup on the go - $0.50 ea
4 Chinet lunch plates - $0.50 ea
5 Bic, Soleil triple blade razors (4 per pack) - $1.00 ea (my favorite deal this week!)
5 Glade, Soy based candles - FREE
1 Magic Eraser 2 pack - $0.98 ea
4 Chex original - $0.50 ea (they also had peelies on them for later use!)

I mixed all the Chex bags with a non-name brand trail mix that had chocolate, raisins, etc. in it. Then I put them in Ziploc bags for my husbands lunches. He loves it and it was way cheaper than buying and expensive huge trail mix.

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