Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Double your coupons AGAIN this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week Albertsons gave us twice the value coupons again! This means you can double any coupon you have by a maximum of a dollar. Making your saving up to two dollars a product.

When you use these remember you have to have the in-ad coupon that says "twice value coupon." There should be 3 per ad. If you are in Rexburg you can get more ads from the BYU-I school paper "Scroll" or from the FREE Standard Journal Extra that is put out in different spaces all over town on Tuesdays.

Okay so now you have the coupons that double your coupons. As long as your coupon is $1 or under you can use it and double it by using the in-ad doubler coupons. You can only use 3 per transaction and only do 3 transactions in a row. After that if people are in line after you, you will have to go to the end of the line again. If you have questions you can ask me OR ask the employees at Albertsons. They are very helpful almost all of the time.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the best deals I can find this week.

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