Monday, September 14, 2009

Watch out Albertsons!

This week I decided to shop at Broulims because they had some good deals in the paper. I walk in to the store and BAM I am in COUPON HEAVEN! Yes you heard right! Coupon Heaven at Broulims in Rexburg!

They had coupons taped to every product that had a coupon available! I talked to a guy there who looked like he had some pull and he told me it's a new program. He said they are working with a coupon lady from Shelly.

Well I didn't have time to really shop so I just grabs the main deals I came for - Huggies diapers. I do admit I grabed a couple snickers for our family movie night since they were 2 for a $1.

I have heard a few Alberstons stories have done this - Mainly the one in Idaho Falls on Broadway BUT the one is Rexburg doesn't do this so I hope they have a plan to do so soon, or Broulims might give them a run for their money - we will see.

Anyway keep your eye on Broulims these days you might be surprised!

OH - P.S. - if you have any GE coupons for energy saver light bulbs you will be happy to know they have some on sale for $1 each. SO if your coupons is for that amount you could get them for FREE! I saw them in the area around the check-outs. GOOD LUCK!

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